Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week 4: The 80s ate my mojo!

It's week four of the bl--wait. Week Four? I've been doing this for a month already? My, how time does fly when you're having fun!

Welcome back, if you've been here before. Thanks for stopping by if you haven't.

This week, the big news is that I'm back from vacation! For my birthday, the boy and I made plans to go see Bon Jovi in Las Vegas. That happened this past weekend, so he, I, and a couple of friends went and had a fantastic time! We walked far too many miles (quite literally! It's a couple of miles one way between some of those hotels.), stayed up too late and had a lot of fun.

And Bon Jovi is still every bit as much fun to listen to, and even more fun to see, than they were 28 years ago. Oops, I think my 80s are showing!

This means, however, that I'm a little light on other content to show you. I took a mini break from dyeing and spinning and whatnot. I did take a knitting project with me (the Andrea Shawl designed by Kristin Kapur) but it's not really far along enough to show off. That starting edge is endless miles of lace knitting, and while I'm about 75% done with it, it doesn't make for an exciting picture.

I haven't finished plying the Sturt from last week. The spinning I'm doing now is not yet picture worthy, and overall, yeah. I really don't have anything to show.


I am currently test knitting a pattern for Gari Lynn. It's a knitted crane, inspired by Japanese relief efforts and the legend of the 1,000 cranes. It's available for sale on Ravelry right now, but the pattern is simultaneously undergoing, as said, test knitting, so if you buy it, be prepared for updates. That said, it's a fun knit so far.

And here's a picture of Gari's finished crane, just to tempt you.

I will post again next week, if not before, and I promise to have something to show you. Cross my heart.

Until then, I'm off to spin and listen to more Bon Jovi!


  1. OMG, how awesome! Sounds like you guys had a blast! :D Good times.

  2. I can't quite capture how much fun it was in words. I'd have to verbally squee a bit more, but it was a lot of fun. If you like Bon Jovi and get a chance to see them, do it!

    And if you haven't been to Vegas, go sometime. :)