Slinging Stitches ... In Color!

Missed an episode of Slinging Stitches Color!? Or just want to go back and look at the show notes again? Here's an easy place to find everything I've posted to date.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!
Episode 10: Wibbly Wobbly Ten -- Sarah makes it to episode ten! Of course it's a day late, but there's still good information in here, including a break down of Act Three of Henry VI, Part I, talk about her current projects, and her return to the Midtown Bazaar. - July 18, 2011
Episode 9: Festival Surprise! -- Sarah makes a surprise trip to the Oakland Fiber Festival and records on the road back. She also talks a lot about Tour de Fleece 2011 and breaks down Act Two of Henry VI, Part I. -- July 10, 2011
Episode 8: Touring With Shakespeare -- Sarah talks about the start of Tour de Fleece, the annual spinapalooza. She also starts doing a breakdown of Henry VI, Part I. There's talk about her trip to New York and not a lot in the way of show notes. -- July 4, 2011
Episode 7: The Road Ahead -- A rough week for Sarah, but the podcast came together--eventually. A new magazine review, more knitting and (especially) spinning progress, and an actual colorwork tip! Plus the gear up for Serious Shakespeare Study. -- June 26, 2011
Episode 6: Investing in the Craft -- Sarah talks about the importance of both investing in your craft and having people to talk to who "get it". She also gives a progress report, does an impromptu Kollage needle review and talks about more "new" Shakespeare words. - June 12, 2011
Episode 5: Knitting for a Cause -- Sarah talks about knitting for charity, updates you on her knitting and spinning (including some finished projects!), introduces some more of Shakespeare's "new" words and announces her first contest winner. - June 5, 2011
Episode 4: Bringing in the Bard - Sarah gets all caught up on her projects, including a near disaster and a couple of new projects. She also starts bringing Shakspeare into the podcast--finally! - May 29, 2011
Episode 3: Ramble heavy, Colorwork light - Sarah holds forth about teaching Shakespeare in school, the urge to knit things she's not, and independent publishing. - May 22, 2011
Episode 2: Knitting and... - Sarah talks about adding some content to the usual podcast, discusses her first ever event as a fiberista and does a book review! - May 8, 2011
Episode 1: The Inaugural Podcast! - An introduction to Sarah and the podcast. - May 1, 2011