Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday on the Wheel: The Not-on-the-Wheel edition

Does it help if the yarns in this project were spun on the wheel? No, wait. Spindle. Yep, both of these yarns were spun on the spindle. Still on the wheel, so it counts, say I! So I mentioned this project in the podcast (for which I have still not done shownotes, mea culpa), and it's been in the works a while. Now, finally, four months later *cough* I have a finished armwarmer. Yes, just one, and one more to make, but, 50% is good progress!
These are (will be) the Lovisa Armwarmers by Sarah Pope. The white is handspun cormo, the blue-green is merino. This armwarmer has not been washed, blocked, or had ends woven in, and obviously there is no button. But! 50%!

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