Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Slinging Stitches...in Color! : Episode 19 -- Tastes Change

 It's another week and another podcast! You can find the latest episode here or download it on iTunes or the podcast service of your choice. There's an RSS feed link over on the right hand side of the blog.

This week I talked about a few companies local to me that do self-striping yarn. If you're in the market, be sure to check them out:

LadyBug Fiber Company


I also mentioned a couple of podcasts that I am currently following. There's good stuff and an established routine from these ladies. I think you'll enjoy them if you watch an episode or two.

The Knit Girllls

Stockinette Zombies

I talked about some of the colorways I put in my shop in Delving the Dyepots this week:


Shiver Me Timbers

I mentioned the "fauxlag" technique, in Spin Me a Tale this week.  The link to David''s (of Southern Cross Fibre) post about it is here.

And these are my first attempt! 

I also mentioned making progress on my Loop batt:

As well as the llama fiber I spun:

And my batt yarn, destined to be a part of the Wild Hare mittens:

In Knitting: Necessary and Not, I mentioned that I'd finished day 3 of the 2012 Advent Kalendar Scarf:

And using the llama fiber to make a simple scarf for Kathy, the llama owner:

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Thanks for listening!

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