Friday, January 18, 2013

Slinging Color: Episode 20 -- Impending Parental

...this post is late. This podcast episode is late. This life is crazy. What can I tell you? That's what happens when your mother comes to visit. :)

There will most likely not be a podcast next Tuesday, but the week after? I'll be babbling with a vengeance. For now, enjoy the mini milestone!You can download it here, on iTunes or the podcast service of your choice. There's an RSS feed link over on the right hand side of the blog.

Feel like joining in on SAL/KALs? Try any of these links.

The Bardic Circle SAL/KAL (I'm hosting this one!)
Dripping Fiber Studios colorwork KAL (Doing this one, yep.)
Spin a Shawl Designer KAL(A definite maybe.)
The CTA Fauxlag-Along
The FiberOptics SAL (with the KnitGirllls)
The new Loop SAL

Is that enough? That's enough.

Fresh out of the dyepot this week!

Sunshine and Ice Cream


 The striping yarns will appear in the next episode's post.

I started spinning my Secrets Kept for the Bardic Circle SAL...

And finished spinning the first mini knot on my Apple batts from Dripping Fiber Studios

(but I accidentally deleted the picture, so I'll have to take a new one)

I got some cooool self-striping yarn from Fishknits:

Kathy's scarf proceeds apace...

As do my socks!

See you all on the other side of the family visit! :)

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Thanks for listening!

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