Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slinging Stitches...in Color: Episode 22 -- Fiber problem? Yes.

Hey, check it out. Back on schedule and in the groove.

The spinning groove, apparently. I have been doing a -lot- of spinning. Hence the title of this week's episode. Yes, of course, I've been dyeing and knitting, too. But for the most part, I have gotten somewhat lost in a fibery world.

...which is really not a complaint. :)

Episode 22 is here! You can download it here, on iTunes or the podcast service of your choice. There's an RSS feed link over on the right hand side of the blog.

The big news from the dyepot this week? I finally dyed and carded up my first ever batt set to be sold. This one's Iago. Feel free to boo the character, but please don't boo the fiber. :)

But that's not all.




Plying has begun on the Loop! batt. About 2/3 left to go.

My Secrets Kept is now finished! Well, the single is finished anyway. Only a week or so late. Plying will start soon.

And I've started spinning a bump of merino/silk from Fiber Optic Yarn in the rouge-violet-cerulean colorway for a SAL being hosted by the Knit Girllls. 

I'm about halfway up the foot on my  Fishknits socks (Bear's Paw colorway, Panache base). 

And there's more progress made on the llama scarf. (Even if I keep calling it the alpaca scarf. Nope, I don't know why.)

And the next project for someone else (once the Llama scarf is finished)?

As for those other things I mentioned?

The year-long self-striping KAL can be found in the Stockinette Zombies group on Ravelry.

The Sea Level shawl by Odessa Reichel. This is what I hope to do with my Loop batt eventually.

And that gorgeous Fiber Optic gradient?

Was I right or was I right? :)

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