Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Making Lemonade

When life gives you lemons...

So this happened yesterday:

That is the cracked casing of my footpedal connector on my Vespera, As it is the wheel I use most (my Wee Peggy is not in great condition), this means there will be no e-spinning until I replace it. Sad.

Fortunately, Jan from Heavenly Handspinning says this is very easy, so I should be back up and running shortly.

Until then, I have my spindles.

I don't know what sort of fiber that is (though I suspect it might be Into The Whirled). The spindle is a Zebisis Designs stone spindle.

I continue to knit on my multitude of projects. Up this week?

This is an imperfect shot of the halfway point on my Lightning Thief shawl by Lily Go. It was a MKAL, but since the mystery part is over, I'm not shy about showing pictures. I'm making the large size so have another hank of yarn to work through. The yarn is my own handdyed merino/silk fingering weight. It's soooo soft and smooshy.

Lily's doing another MKAL in May, based on Interview With A Vampire. Go sign up!

I will be at the San Jose Fantasy Faire this weekend, getting my sea-fairy on. If you're local, bring the kids and come play! I suspect there will be very little spinning or knitting  as a result, but who knows? I am not the stay out and party type anymore.

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