Sunday, June 12, 2011

Speaking out on Sunday: Investing in the Craft

Week Six is here and available for downloading now!

I have had a very productive knitting week, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself and about my work. It probably doesn't hurt that the weather has finally gotten (and stayed!) nice for more than a couple of days, so that lifts the spirits and makes me pretty happy in general.

I'm talking about investing in the craft this week, which is something that I feel it's important to do, and something it's really easy to forget to do. We crafty types, we tend to spend a lot of time alone and many of us are not quite ready to declare ourselves outgoing and social butterflies. When I'm feeling particularly hermit-like, it helps me to know that there are other people out there, possibly feeling the same way, and that I can reach out and connect with them, particularly in places like Ravelry.

I've got some new Shakespeare words for you this week, and a little bit of trivia. In addition to my usual project talk, there's a mini impromptu-review of some knitting needles and mention of a few magazines.

Thanks for stopping by!

New patterns I talked about:

Mystery Shawl #21 by Renee Leverington -- This pattern won't be available until the whole thing is completed and named, but she does a mystery shawl every month. There's one going on now and another starting in July.

Magazines I mentioned:

Colorways - A new eMag from Interweave Press that talks about dyeing techniques for fiber artists. Right up my alley!

You can also check out Sockupied, which is another Interweave Press eMag talking all about, you guessed it, sock knitting!

All That Other Stuff:

The SOAR event in New Hampshire this October. If you attend, come back and tell me about the Navajo spinning workshop!

Kollage Yarns makes some products that really interest me, namely the square needles and their recycled denim Riveting yarn!

And, for the curious, here's that article about the real Ophelia!

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Talk to you next week!

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