Monday, April 23, 2012

Late, but present!

I promised once a week. I missed last week, for which I truly apologize. Here I am now, though. On a Monday no less. Sharing pictures with you. That's pretty cool, doncha think? When last I left you, dear blog visitor, I was showing you the spin to come. Well, that's finished now. That lovely merino from Rogue Adventures turned into this:

4 ounces and 245 yards of sport weight-ish super soft, super sproingy yarn. I have no idea what I'll use it for, but my original plans to put this in my shop have flown out the window. This yarn stays with me.

I then put some polwarth/silk from Into The Whirled on the Wheel. This colorway is called Children of Time:

And it spun up like this:

This is still in singles, waiting to be plied. I'm hoping for better yardage. Merino makes me work for it. Polwarth not so much, and silk makes everything better.

 And then, as I am ramping up my spinning productivity, I immediately put this on the wheel:

This is 4 ounces of Romney, which is a longwool, which makes it feel sort of wirey. I doubt it will be next-to-skin soft, but it does allow me to spin pretty thin, so who knows, maybe it would work for a shawl of some sort. 'tany rate, the colorway is Sea Beginnings, it's from Fiber Fancy and that's where I am.

 How has your yarn adventuring been?

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