Thursday, April 12, 2012

Once a week!

I did say once a week, right? I didn't say which day. *cough* *scuffs foot*

Hi there! I'm back with a weekly posting.

I have been knitting and spinning for the last week. I don't have great gobs of things to share with you, but I did make some progress.

For my 40th birthday (don't ask me how I got that old; I don't know either), I finally broke down and bought myself an electric spinning wheel. I bought a Vespera from Heavenly Handspinning, and though we have had our disagreements, we're getting along pretty well now.

The first yarn I spun was half of  a bundle from a Mixed Blessings club from Fat Cat Knits. It was a panda blend (sw merino, nylon, bamboo) in a colorway I dubbed Como no, cebolla? (*Why not, onion?) We started like this:

And ended up like this: 130 yards of fingering weight, chain plied.

Next up on the spinning queue?

This merino in the Lakes colorway from Rogue Adventures:

In the knitting world, I am still working on the Tradisi shawl from last year. I know. *hangs head* But it's much closer to being finished.

And in dyeing news? Well. This all went in to the shop today:

Thanks for swinging by!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you are a fantastic spinner and knitter.
    Please post about the Vespera... I've been using my Schacht Ladybug for 3+ years now, but unfortunately, my prior brain/spinal cord condition has decided for me that my left leg is not going to be following all the commands that I give it, so treadling is now not something I can do anymore. It bums me out, because not only do I LOVE this wheel, no one seems to want to buy it, so that I can purchase an electric spinning tool-do we call the Vespera a Wheel?
    Any how, I'd love to know what an accomplished spinner thinks of it.
    And if you by any chance know of someone who would love a Schacht Ladybug-that though I've spun a ton on it-looks like and behaves like brand new. I'm a "pack-rat" but a responsible one. I'm still using the Stereo that my father bought for me at 15yrs and the alarm clock that we each got for Christmas when I was 11yrs 44yrs now.
    I love your etsy shop and when I finally do sell this wheel, I'll be in there buying.
    Blessings to you and your blog is Fantastic!
    Love reading it!
    Thanks for your time.