Monday, April 11, 2011

Make It Monday!

I have been fiddling and fussing and feeling like one post enough just wasn't enough. Not for me to get everything out without spewing too much information at once. Not for those of you who come back and read weekly. Wouldn't it be nice to have bite sized pieces instead?

I have made it so! Starting this week and continuing every (we hope) week after, I have given myself a new schedule.

Mondays will become "Make It Monday", on which day I will show you the current knitting WIP or completed project. I might even show you finished jewelry. I'm surprising like that. :)

Wednesdays will become "Wednesday on the Wheel", which will be devoted to both wheel and spindle spinning. Probably spindle this week, since I've done something goofy to my treadling knee and using the other leg was just ...well, let's leave it at "unfortunate" and call it good.

And Fridays will become "Fiber Fridays", when I will show my latest dyeing projects, ideas, and attempts.

So, since it's Monday:

I am still obsessed with colorwork. Really, I think it's a sickness. I saw a picture of dogs wearing colorwork jackets today, and I honestly thought, 'hey, I'd make those'! And meant it.

But you really can't blame me when there are such awesome patterns out there. I am still cranking away on a pair of Anemoi Mittens by Eunny Jang. This pair is going to Cris of Into the Whirled as show samples for her shop. She sent me a pair of skeins of the most gorgeously dyed yarns. They are honestly a pleasure to work with. And look at how they're turning out!

Aren't they awesome? These will be repeeated, I can promise that.

And, since I have actually made some verifiable progress on the Endpaper Mitts I mentioned a while back, I figured I'd show those off too. They're on hold until the Anemois are finished, but then I will continue. And these mitts are staying with me. Mua ha ha!

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