Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday on the Wheel: Accomplished!

It's Wednesday, the mid-point of the week. It's all downhill from here, people. In the best sense of downhill. We're headed for the weekend so get ready to relax.

Thanks to everyone who listened to my audio file. If you haven't, it's still available, so give it a go and let me know what you think. I found myself looking for audio clips I could use, thinking up segment names and trying to figure out which day I'd slot a podcast into, so I guess my brain has decided for me. I will be doing a podcast. And, despite my changing whims, I think I will go with the colorwork idea. I'm aiming for a May 1st launch, so stay tuned!

As for my promise to get something done for you today: I almost did it! I was a treadling fool yesterday and I finished up the Fat Cat Knits Falkland that has been on my wheel a while. I haven't plied it yet, but it -is- spun, so hooray me.

Here are the fiber and bobbin shots:

Ginny's Falkland is a dream to spin. She's hosting a monthly color-of-group-choice SAL in her Ravelry group, so if you have an account, you should check it out. I am no good at keeping up with SALs, personally. I spin far too slowly. I still enjoy the fibers though, and seeing everyone else's finished yarns. Tons of fun.

Next on the wheel? I think I'll finally spin some of Brie's (she of Fall Creek Fibers fame) lovely fiber, since I have a lot of it but have yet to spin any, and that is a true shame. This is superwash wool in lovely springtime colors, which should be just the thing.

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