Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday on the Wheel: Spindle Candy!

As mentioned on Monday, this is part of my new blogging format. Welcome to my first Wednesday on the Wheel.

Which is really not about wheels at all, but is about spindles. Or rather, spindling.

This is how I started spinning. I think spindle spinning is the gateway drug for some of us. Some people don't take to it until after they've learned their way around a wheel. Some people never do. No approach is wrong. I just happened to start with the spindle and move on from there.

And, as this picture will attest, I suffer from the same project-itis in spinning as I do in knitting.

Those are all spindles that I made. I do not make them to sell anymore, as I became increasingly embarrassed by them as "for other people" tools, but they work just fine for me, and I have a good supply. Clearly. It does, however, make me wonder where I've tucked away the spindles I've purchased from other people. Yep, there are more, and they all are mid-yarn. Mental note: Find them! :)

None of those fibers are mine, by the way. From left to right they are: Moonrover, Rogue Adventures,Knitty and Color, Moonrover again, Into The Whirled, Old Sheep, Lakehouse Loft, Into the Whirled again, All Spun Up, and more Moonrover.

Go forth and patronize! They're all amazing!

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