Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 6: Welcome to April

Finally, finally the weather has begun to warm up. At least here on the Left Coast. I know my friends to the east got hit by some April Fool's weather, but we have seen the last of the oppressive rains for this season at least, I hope. (Hang on, let me just find some wood to rap on...)

I've been working on a couple of changes that will be coming to the shop soon. You can check out the actual website for a hint, but be sure that I'll show off more when the time is right.

I am six weeks in to this whole blogging thing, and still enjoying myself. Blog day is a great midweek milestone and something to look forward to, at least from this side of the screen.

So without further ado...

What I'm Dyeing

A lot of us, spinners and dyers alike, like color. The more the better. But sometimes, it's good to keep things simple and stick to one or two. Or shades of one or two. I am hardly the first person to think of this, but I haven't been doing it with my fibers for long. The Variations on a (insert your color of choice) series is one I intend to keep up, though. After all, every time I dye one of these, it'll come out a little different.

What I'm Spinning left empty this week. I know, I know, I'm sorry, but I haven't yet caught up with the spinning I ought to do. I've been much more focused on knitting, and you'll see why.

What I'm Knitting

My love affair with colorwork has not ended. As a matter of fact, I think it's growing roots. So much so that when Cris of Into The Whirled put out a call for knitters for show samples using her (amazing!) colorways and new yarns, I leapt at the chance and offered to work up some mitts for her.

These are the Anemoi Mittens by Eunny Jang -- yes, I'm sensing a pattern here, too -- and I'm loving them. Cris's colors are stunning, the pattern is clear and easy to follow and they're just, well, fun to knit! My only concern is that the tubular cast-on makes for a very small start, but that's been reported in a lot of people's projects on Ravelry. Cris's generous skeins should leave me enough to do another pair (with the colors reversed) so I'm going to try to knit cuffs that will fit over my hand, as well. I have big hands. It's fair to have to fudge.

I will do my best to have lovely spinning to show next week. I will, for certain, have some amazing dyes to share. Come back soon! :)

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