Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday on the Wheel: The wheels on the bus go ... really slow.

Now that Tour de Fleece is over, my spinning mojo is slowing down a bit. It was still rekindled by the event, and I'm still spinning more than I was in weeks prior, but I am no longer spinning at every opportunity. Which is a good thing for my fingers, I tell you. I was starting to get calluses.

When I do spin, though, I'm still using spindles. I've actually orders a couple new types of spindles to try out and feed my ongoing addiction. When they arrive, be sure that I will share.

For now, I'll show you an older picture of the fiber I'm still working on. This is a full 4 ounce bundle of fiber from Into The Whirled in the Starcrossed colorway from a SAL last summer. I swore I wouldn't do full bumps of fiber on the spindle anymore, but I don't know. This fiber insisted.

One of my fsvorite homemade spindles, too. Enjoy!

ITWSAL-MayJune10 by beadskinz
ITWSAL-MayJune10, a photo by beadskinz on Flickr.