Sunday, March 22, 2015

Knocking off the dust!

So, hi!

It's been ...two years and change since I last updated this blog?


Anyway, I'm going to do my best to start updating it again. Yay! Right? Right?? Well, I'm going to do it anyway. :)

What I will not be doing, at least in the short term and possibly long term, is doing the podcast. I've tried twice now and it just peters out. If I had a partner, I probably could, but talking on my own, when I'm so slow just means I run out of things to talk about.

Instead, I'll ramble in text. I've got a pretty good handle on that.

I don't have a schedule or anything planned. I'm not great with schedules. It's the magpie thing.

...I should really just change my business name to something to do with magpies. Something to consider.

'tany rate! I decided at the end of 2014 that this would be my year to Make Stuff. To sell, to give to family and friends, just to Make. Might as well keep track of that here, where I can hold myself accountable, and you guys can poke me, too.

So, see you soon!