Friday, May 20, 2011

Fiber Friday: The Shetland has Landed

So if you listen to my podcast, or if you recall earlier blog posts, I mentioned that I wanted to try some shetland. I was thinking roving, but I was offered a bit of a shetland fleece, and I happily leapt at the opportunity.

And it has landed.

I was warned that it was dirty. I think I need to seriously downgrade my expectations when it comes to smaller indie fibers and fleeces. I'm still quite new to all of this, so when I hear, "it's dirty", I don't expect, well. Dirty.

I'm learning.

This has already been through a soak and dunk and wash since taking the picture. I was thinking it was a lovely sort of blend and brown and white. It's... not so much now. But it smells better! And it's clean-er. Next step: carding the heck out of it and hoping that more of the vm falls out.

No wonder people think we wool people are weird. Look at what we do for fun! :)