Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday on the Wheel: Back on the spindle again.

That's right, it's another spindle-focused post. Well, not focused so much as, the spindle is the tool I'm using this time.

And, to change things up, this is neither one of my handmade spindles, nor one I use for spinning singles. Today's spindle is one of my first, one that I learned on and one that's excellent for plying and spinning bulkier yarns than I like these days, but not so great for fine weights.

This, my friends, is an Ashford Student spindle. I refer to it as a boat anchor spindle, a term used to refer to big, heavy spindles. This beast weighs 2.75 oz, which is a lot when compared to my usual collection, all of which weigh well under an ounce. Still, it has it's use.

Plying, as I mentioned. I used it today to ply up the merino I mentioned I wanted to use with the cormo from my current project. I ended up getting about 85 yards of not-so-smooth chain-plied yarn out of the ounce of merino I had. Not bad, really. I believe I'll be using these in combination for a pair of Lovisa Armwarmers, since I think that pattern would tolerate my bumpy yarns. I'll know for sure when I have some needles cleared up and can cast on!

Edit: And I totally forgot one of my reasons for doing another spindle post! Spinning Daily (from Interweave and put together by Amy Moore, the editor of Spin-Off magazine) is offering a free ebook on learning how to spin on a drop spindle. Registration is free! Go check it out, if you're interested!

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