Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday on the Wheel: A work in progress.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am a s l o w crafter. I'm apologizing a lot more for that because I'm sharing my crafting life, but really, I shouldn't, because things are still getting done, just at my own pace.

It's been kind of a busy week here at Chez Stitches and as such there hasn't been as much progress as there could have been. It's also a short week as I am out of town this weekend and the Engineer does not (yet!) know how to spin.

But for now, here's how the Fall Creek Fibers superwash wool is spinning up. It used to look like this:

And here's the progress today:

That's about 75% of the way through the fiber. It's going to be a very pastel yarn. It's not too late for Easter colors, right? :)


  1. Nice colors! Just downloaded your podcast and waiting for a window to sit down and knit and listen!

  2. Finding time is always the hard part, it's true. I wish you luck.

    And thanks for saying hi. :)