Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday on the Wheel: What happens when...?

Accidents happen. We all know that, right? A few stitches get dropped when knitting, a splat of dye ends up on the wrong section of fiber or a project ends up being too danged small once it's all finished up. It happens. Not happy-making, but forgivable.

I had one of those days a while ago. As I've mentioned, I sometimes contribute to the Phat Fiber Box sampler. I did so last month, if you remember my butterfly yarns. I meant do to so this month, for the spice box. I had all good intentions. I picked one of my favorite fibers (bfl/silk for the curious), I came up with a gorgeous colorway, Mexican Chocolate, which looks like this:

And I sat down to make mini-batts to be sent as samples. Or I meant to anyway.

I have, once before, tried to do fiber samples for the box. Those turned out all right, and I would have been happy to send them off to this day. These new ones...didn't come out so well. I do not have a carder, so I pulled mini-batts by hand, and though the colors were lovely, the actually little rolls just looked sloppy and hurried (despite the fact that I started making them early) and unprofessional. Not what I want out in the world to represent me.

So I opted not to send them, sadly. And then looked at the pile of fiber and realized that I had 8 ounces of fiber, all pulled apart into chunks that couldn't be sold, and I had to figure out what to do it it. It's too pretty to do nothing with and I wouldn't ever throw it away.

So I'm spindle spinning it. Who knows what it will become? I've got a ton of it, though. I might manage 400 or maybe even 500 yards of yarn. And then? Then the sky's--okay, the yardage's--the limit!


  1. Thanks, Nancy! Here's hoping the finished yarn does the fiber justice!