Monday, July 4, 2011

Speaking out on Sunday (Monday, again): Touring with Shakespeare

Week Eight is here and available for downloading now!

It's a short one this week, but that's to be expected, given that my vacation fell right smack in the middle of prime podcast recording time. Needless to say, there's not a lot of craft to this episode, so if that's what you tune in to hear, you may want to skip this week. Next week I'll be better, I swear!

If, however, you're here for the Shakespeare? This is your week, baby. We've finally started on Henry VI, Part I. Let me know what you think of how I summarized it. Want more of the same? Less of something different. Sing out and make your voices heard.

Also, there will be a Make It Monday coming shortly. Really. Packing them in today. Must reclaim my schedule!

No show notes to speak of this week, but as always, thanks for stopping by!

All That Other Stuff:

I did announce the new contest! I'll be giving away one (1) 4 oz. bump of roving in your choice of fiber that I have on hand, custom dyed, one (1) skein of yarn, lace or fingering weight, custom dyed and one (1) copy of the No Fear Shakespeare of your choice.

Entry rules are the same as last time: Comment on any blog post in the month of July, or leave a comment in the podcast threads in my Ravelry group for your entry. This time I want you to tell me what you're working on for the month of July, whether that's a TdF spin, summer knitting, or any other crafty thing that makes your heart and your hands happy.

How to Contact me:

iTunes: Slinging Color
Ravelry: creaturecomfort
Ravelry Group: Creature Comfort Craftwork Fans
Etsy: Creature Comfort Craftworks on Etsy
Email: sarah.hawke [at]
Twitter: creaturecmfts
Facebook: Facebook
Plurk: Plurk

Talk to you next week!

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