Sunday, July 10, 2011

Speaking out on Sunday: Festival Surprise!

Week Nine is here and available for downloading now!

I apologize one thousand times this week and not for no reason, as I sometimes do. I recorded the majority of this episode on the road, in my car, and boy does it show. I've edited the heck out of it, but the audio quality is not stellar. If you make it through this, you get my sincere admiration. If you want to hear only non-roadsound-audio, skip to the Shakespeare section. That was recorded at home.

That said, I hope that you do stick out the rest of the podcast, because there's a colorwork theory question for all of you and a review of the Oakland Fiber Festival that happened today that I really think you might like to hear. I actually had fun recording this way, but I promise that unless absolutely necessary, I won't subject anyone to it again.

And, as always, thanks for stopping by!

Enabling that I mentioned:

Old Sheep - I finally finished spinning some of the fiber I bought here, a long time back!

Dripping Fiber Studios - Purveyor of amazing batts, both with sparkle and without. Currently offering a series of batts based on the Game of Thrones books/series. She's still awesome.

Greenwood Fiberworks -- Where you can pick up a sampler box and experience excellent fiber prep and addicting color, first hand.

Girl on the Rocks -- Home of the Sheep bobbin, WPI gauge and owl-shaped needle gauge.

CloudLover Fiber -- As is she! Still! Always!

Wonderland Dyeworks -- I did indeed butcher her name. It's Elissavet and her colors are amazing. Go check them out!

Alpenglow Yarn -- The alpaca names are Blessing and Benjamin, and you can have some of their roving, too!

All That Other Stuff:

Rachael Herron -- Check out her books, her blog, and her in general at her website. She's fantabulous!

Saori Berkeley -- A lot of fun to watch, if not exactly my thing.

How to Contact me:

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Etsy: Creature Comfort Craftworks on Etsy
Email: sarah.hawke [at]
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Talk to you next week!


  1. Hi there! This was my first episode and I really enjoyed it. Lots of interesting topics! I look forward to catching up on your other episodes.

    If you haven't already heard of it, the radio show This American Life just rebroadcast an episode called Act V on July 3. I listen to the show as a podcast so I'm sure you can find the episode. Anyway, it's about a group of prisoners who acted in Act V of Macbeth. I found it really interesting, and I was thinking about it while listening to you.

    Thanks for the great podcast!

  2. Patricia! Gosh, it must seem like I just ignored you! I just found this comment! I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply.

    I know of This American Life, but I haven't heard of that episode. I'm definitely going to have to go and look it up and check it out. Thanks for telling me about it. :)