Friday, July 22, 2011

Fiber Friday: This is kinda what I do.

So I try not to simply pimp myself or my shop in blog posts or my podcast, because I figure, hey, you all are smart people. I have made occasional mention and I have linked and there are ways to get to where I am, so if you wanted to, you would be there.

And mostly, I leave it at that.

But then I have this here Fiber Friday thing, and I did a -lot- of dyeing (for me) this week, and it -is- my blog. Soooo...

Fiber Friday may become my weekly 'new and shiny in my shop' post. I hope no one's terribly offended. This stuff takes work, though, and the more people that look at it, the happier I am. No reason to be coy about that.

So here's most of what I dyed this week. It's all over there *points* in my Etsy shop.

And my TdF sale is still on until Sunday. 15% off with the FILLMEUP code.

Happy Friday!

Update - 7/22/2011

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