Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday on the Wheel: Still on tour

Lest you think that I have disappeared from the face of the internet, a feat that is highly unlikely to happen, I am here to share the latest mad Tour de Fleece spinning with you, or at the very least, one of my current projects.

I am still on a serious spindle-spinning kick, so most of my productivity is happening there. A great deal of that is the fact that I pulled a mini braid of merino top out of my stash from Greenwood Fiberworks and promptly fell in love. Check out these colors:

That is the Vancouver colorway and I love it. As I said on my podcast, well-prepared merino is a joy to spin, and this stuff is beautifully prepared. It's only half an ounce so even spun super fine won't yield much yarn, but it's definitely encouraging me to stock up a little bit on more of her stuff.

You should definitely check her out!

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